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We install two types of residential fire sprinklers, stand-alone systems and multipurpose systems. We have experience installing both types of systems and can discuss the pros and cons of each with you.


Automatic wet pipe fire sprinklers, properly installed and maintained in a residence, save lives as well as property. Fire sprinklers react so quickly they can dramatically reduce damage caused by flames, heat, and smoke generated by a fire. This life saving technology is now affordable for residential applications where 85% of all civilian fire deaths occur.


Wet pipe sprinklers are the most reliable system because of their simplicity. The only operating components are the sprinkler heads themselves. The heads react individually to a pre-set heat level, going off only in the areas they are needed. This pinpoints the fire and limits water damage.


If you have a fire in your home the risk of dying decreases 80% when wet pipe sprinklers are present.


Homes with fire sprinklers are protected against significant property damage. Wet pipe sprinklers reduce the average property loss in a fire by 71%.

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